ESMEF Officers

Mike Albanese '83
–  President

–  Vice President

Patrick Federico
– Treasurer

Christina Albunio
– Executive Clerk 

Members At Large

Mike Albanese '83

Susan Cain 

Tracy Callahan '88

Dr. Donna DeSiato
Kay Gallery

Debbie Kolod '78

Gary Natale

 Maureen Natale

Jennifer Steigerwald

Rebecca Scott '94

Scott Sylvester

The Foundation was created to raise funds and provide financial support for programs within the ESM Schools that are not funded by the district's budget. This foundation provides funds for such things as The Summer Reading Program, Special Guest Speakers, Parent Workshops and Pilot Projects. Diverse programs like these and others enhance the educational experience of all levels of ESM students. Our students at East Syracuse Minoa are our foundation for the future.


- The East Syracuse Minoa Education Foundation, Inc. has been established as a principled organization committed to institutional integrity, sound and ethical business practices with full accountability to its donors, contributors and the East Syracuse Minoa community at large.

- The East Syracuse Minoa Education Foundation, Inc. will utilize dynamic and innovative fund raising strategies to optimize the resources available to our ESM students.  The strategies will include, but are not limited to: events, campaigns, activities, and sponsorship programs.

- The East Syracuse Minoa Education Foundation will ensure that the resources that are made available to the foundation are optimally utilized specifically for the individuals and programs that contribute to the development of intellectual, moral, physical, and artistic enhancement of our ESM students.


- Providing new solutions to solving existing problems
- Promoting ideas and strategies that foster new approaches to address existing student needs
- Supporting solutions that encourage the broad and diverse involvement of the ESM community

- Supporting all aspects of the creation, development and delivery of programming
- Providing complete involvement in both the support and development of ESMEF initiatives
- Evaluating of the success of each of the programs supported

- Creating opportunities that don’t currently exist
- Supporting proactive approaches to creating something new for the benefit of students
- Encouraging initiatives that break from tradition to prepare students for the demands of tomorrow

- Enriching intellectual, moral, physical, and artistic development
- Emphasizing the importance of the development of all aspects of the whole child
- Providing the opportunity for each student to develop and understand their own unique value structure


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the ESM Education Foundation?  The ESM Education Foundation (ESMEF) raises and distributes money to enhance and support student development.  It is an organization dedicated to raising money for and sponsoring programs for ESM schools.
  2. What are the goals of ESMEF?  The goals of our Foundation are to utilize all avenues of fundraising to enhance the educational experience of the students.  As we accomplish this we will be completely accountable to our donors, contributors, and community at large.  Ultimately we are striving for a Community in Action for the development of our students.
  3. What types of programs might be funded by the ESMEF?  The programs funded by the Foundation will be at the discretion of the Foundation Board.  They will be diverse and address all levels of students at ESM.  Some examples might be: safe driving classes, specialized engineering courses, a school book store, key homework planning guides for elementary and middle school students, special speakers, etc.
  4. Which schools will benefit from the ESMEF?  The mission is to support the entire ESM district.  The schools that benefit from the funding the Foundation provides are all of the ESM public schools.
  5. How could I get involved with the ESMEF?  ESMEF will rely on community volunteers for all its events/functions.  If you’re interested in lending a hand, being on committees, or involved in anyway please let us know.  Please use the 'Contact ESMEF'  at the bottom of this site's Home Page to share your thoughts with us. 
  6. When was the ESM Foundation formed?  The Foundation was formed in 2007 and is being organized and completed right now.  A steering Committee is passing control to the Board of Directors in June.  We hope to be an organization that helps the students of ESM for many years to come.