Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the ESM Education Foundation?  The ESM Education Foundation (ESMEF) raises and distributes money to enhance and support student development.  It is an organization dedicated to raising money for and sponsoring programs for ESM schools.
  2. What are the goals of ESMEF?  The goals of our Foundation are to utilize all avenues of fundraising to enhance the educational experience of the students.  As we accomplish this we will be completely accountable to our donors, contributors, and community at large.  Ultimately we are striving for a Community in Action for the development of our students.
  3. What types of programs might be funded by the ESMEF?  The programs funded by the Foundation will be at the discretion of the Foundation Board.  They will be diverse and address all levels of students at ESM.  Some examples might be: safe driving classes, specialized engineering courses, a school book store, key homework planning guides for elementary and middle school students, special speakers, etc.
  4. Which schools will benefit from the ESMEF?  The mission is to support the entire ESM district.  The schools that benefit from the funding the Foundation provides are all of the ESM public schools.
  5. How could I get involved with the ESMEF?  ESMEF will rely on community volunteers for all its events/functions.  If you’re interested in lending a hand, being on committees, or involved in anyway please let us know.  Please use the 'Contact ESMEF'  at the bottom of this site's Home Page to share your thoughts with us. 
  6. When was the ESM Foundation formed?  The Foundation was formed in 2007 and is being organized and completed right now.  A steering Committee is passing control to the Board of Directors in June.  We hope to be an organization that helps the students of ESM for many years to come.